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How to you find the quest pay outs so far?

Quests poll I_vote_lcap25%Quests poll I_vote_rcap 25% 
[ 2 ]
Quests poll I_vote_lcap38%Quests poll I_vote_rcap 38% 
[ 3 ]
Quests poll I_vote_lcap13%Quests poll I_vote_rcap 13% 
[ 1 ]
Quests poll I_vote_lcap24%Quests poll I_vote_rcap 24% 
[ 2 ]
Quests poll I_vote_lcap0%Quests poll I_vote_rcap 0% 
[ 0 ]
Total Votes : 8

Quests poll Empty Quests poll

Post by Maddawg on Sat Jun 18, 2016 9:42 pm

I know we have only had a very short time with the quests so far, but we want to know what everyone thinks so far with the payouts. I'm going to leave this poll open for a while and allow everyone to vote multiple times.

I am also working on a survey for proper feedback, hopefully I will have that ready soon.

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